Flosar (raftsman's) collection

We have set up this collection in memory of all those that lived with the river and experienced how hard the life of a raftsman was. 

The collection is divided into /has two sections. The first section is from the time of the first half of the 20th century and a couple of years after the World War Two when the timber-rafting finally ceased.
This section describes the raftsman and his life, his clothing and equipment, and shows how the everyday on the raft was, what the wood trade was was like and what wages the raftsmen had, it shows the rafting route and all the important stops the raftsmen made. The first stop was in Letuš, the second in Celje and the third in Radece; in Roglica the rafts were bound together to make one large raft called mitrovcan. 

The second displays the techniques of raft-building, the various kinds of rafts and various elements of the raft. 

A part of the collection also refers to Flosarski bal, the annual event that has been dedicated to the timber-rafting tradition for more than 40 years. The event takes place/occurs every first Sunday in August. 

The collection is accompanied by a projection of raft binding and of several interviews with rafters that are still living and other people that were closely linked with the raftsmans way of living.