The International Timber Floating Association was found on the 11th of November 1989 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. The rules were confirmed in the meeting on 25th 1992 in Laspuna, Aragon, Spain. The documents were ceremonially signed on the 6th of September 1992 in Venice, Italy.

The International Timber Floating Association is a supranational association, who follows the common principles of peace, freedom and equality without geographical, racial, ethnic or political differences.
The other purpose of those is to search historical documents and other proofs of the timber floating methods by waterways, which are spread throughout the large river regions all over the world from the beginning of the modern industrial society.

The other purpose of th International Timber Floating Association is to try to maintain the pure ecosystem of the natural waters, lakes, rivers and even of the forests. Those timber associations are registered associations, all without pursuit of profit.
It is formed by all those timber floating associations, who will voluntary join to it. All the members must be legally competent and independent and represent the old and historical occupations of their own districts, which join to the transport of timber by waterways. From the original seven the association grew up into a cooperation organization of 20 members.
Flosarsko društvo Ljubno ob Savinji (raftsmen society) has been a member of the Association since 2001 when it was affiliated in Prague.

Ljubno ob Savinji has been preserving and revitalizing the tradition of timber-rafting for 42 years. The 42nd year in the row the traditional event Flosarski bal is held in August that has in years grew from one-day event to a week of touristic and ethnological events. It represents not just the tradition on timber-rafting but also presents the economic and social progress Ljubno has achieved during one year.

We wish to present our tradition also internationaly and we hope we have achived that by becoming members of the International Timber-raftsmen Association.